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15 Ingenious Bing AI Prompts to Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Author: Brie KirbysonTime: 2024-02-05 17:35:00

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Summarize Texts with Bing AI to Save Time

Bing AI has a useful feature where you can summarize articles, blog posts, or other texts. This can save you time by quickly getting the key points without having to read long pieces of content.

You can summarize content by pasting a link or copying and pasting text. Then prompt Bing to summarize it in 3 paragraphs, bullet points, simple language, or at a 5th grade reading level. It will condense the content down to the most important details.

This is helpful for both work and academics. You can use it to summarize research papers, news articles, client documents, and more in seconds.

Paste Links for Easy Automatic Summaries

A major benefit Bing has over other AI like ChatGBT is its access to the internet. This allows it to automatically summarize online content that you paste a link for, without needing you to copy and paste the full text. For example, I pasted a link to a list of top books, and asked Bing to summarize the top 5. It nicely listed out the book titles and gave a short description of each one from that list.

Fix Spelling, Grammar, and Writing Issues

Bing AI can also edit your writing by fixing spelling, grammar, and other issues. This helps improve the quality and readability of anything you write.

Prompt Bing by pasting in text and asking it to 'edit this for proper spelling and grammar.' It will rewrite your content with corrections made. You can also ask it to provide a list of the changes, so you can review and ensure accuracy.

Generate Custom Images

Bing uses DALL-E technology to create images based on your text descriptions. You can prompt it to generate photorealistic or cartoony images on any topic you describe.

For best results, be very detailed in specifying the subject, style, lighting, aspect ratio, and other elements of the image you want. Bing also can create prompts formatted for Midjourney's image generation model, allowing you to tap into both AI systems for creating custom graphics.

Brainstorm Content Ideas and Titles

Struggling to come up with ideas or the perfect title for your next blog post, video, paper, or other content? Bing's connection to the internet allows it to suggest very on-brand, catchy titles and ideas for just about any niche or topic.

Prompt it by stating you are writing content on a specific topic, and ask for a certain number of title ideas in a certain style. For example, I asked for 10 viral YouTube video title ideas around using Bing AI for work, in the style of MrBeast. The titles it suggested definitely matched that type of attention-grabbing style.

Write High-Quality Essays and Papers

For students or academic writing, Bing can generate entire essays or papers for you. The key for quality output is to provide as much detail and specifics in your prompt as possible.

Tell it the exact topic or essay title, length, purpose, audience level, and main points you must cover. The more info you give, the better the writing will be. For example, I prompted Bing to write a 5 paragraph university-level essay analyzing relationships in The Hunger Games, covering specific characters, with examples in the writing. It created an entire structured essay with quotes and examples.

Develop Viable Business and Product Ideas

As an entrepreneur or aspiring business owner, you can tap into Bing's creative idea generation capabilities to help develop new product concepts and online business models tailored to your niche, skills, and budget.

Prompt it to create businesses and products specifically in your field of interest that you can run online, from home, with limited funds or experience. It will suggest creative ecommerce shops, services, digital products, and more that you may have never considered, sparking your next business venture.

Become a Better, More Persuasive Writer

Writing skills are important for school, work, and life. Rather than just fixing issues in your writing, Bing AI can actually help strengthen your writing ability.

Prompt it to provide expert feedback as a writing professor or editor for a prestigious publication. Ask it to critique your work and give suggestions focused on improving specific aspects like persuasiveness, flow, grammar, and more.

Quickly Generate Professional Emails and Messages

Writing professional communications for work takes time and mental energy. Bing can instantly generate things like emails, Slack/Teams messages, follow ups, and other communications in seconds.

Simply provide the context and a description of the general tone, intent, or purpose of your message. For example, I prompted Bing to write an email reply to a colleague indicating my availability for a client meeting next week during specific time windows.

Craft Catchy Cover Letters and Resumes

The tedious task of writing cover letters and updating your resume just got much easier. Give Bing your desired job title, relevant experience and skills, the role and company you are applying to, and key strengths to highlight.

It will output a full cover letter tailored to that position at that company, showcasing exactly the qualities and achievements you want to feature. Double check for accuracy, modify if needed, and you’ve got a polished cover letter completed in minutes.

Overcome Writer’s Block with AI-Generated Ideas

Even seasoned writers struggle with writer’s block from time to time. Bing can help whether you need high-level topic or outline ideas, or just some help continuing your writing.

You can prompt it for an outline covering key points to write about if stuck coming up with ideas. Alternatively, paste your existing unfinished writing and ask it to continue the next paragraph, matching your tone and style.

Explain Complex Topics in Simple Language

Specialized or technical concepts can be difficult to comprehend, but you can leverage Bing to clarify just about anything. Prompt it to explain a complex idea, financial term, legal concept, or other topic by simplifying it down to easy-to-understand language.

You can even ask it to explain topics as if speaking to a 5th grader. This provides almost an ELI5 experience to grasp key aspects of challenging subject matter using plain language a child could understand.

Quiz Yourself to Learn with AI-Generated Questions

Put Bing to work as your personal tutor. Prompt it to quiz you on academic subjects using practice test questions tailored around concepts you need to study.

It will create a series of multiple choice or other quiz questions covering the material you specify. You attempt to answer, and if incorrect, Bing will provide hints and explanations ensuring you learn. This helps reinforce knowledge through retrieval and spaced repetition — proven learning techniques.

Automate Data Research, Analysis, and Reporting

Bing takes the manual busywork out of research and reporting. Prompt it to search data on any topic online, organize findings into a custom table structure you define, analyze the data for insights, and write up explanatory reports.

For example, say you need to research specifications and ratings on cameras for an upcoming purchase. You can ask Bing to compile data on the top options under a given budget into an organized comparison chart covering price, features, lens type, and more. It will instantly gather the data and even provide analysis on which choice is best aligned to your needs and priorities.

Uncover Connections Between Disparate Concepts

Bing displays intelligent analytical capabilities going beyond just summarizing information. It can identify meaningful connections and overlaps in themes, ideas, and content between entirely unrelated works.

Prompt it to research 2 separate topics — such as an old novel and a video game — then write a report explaining key linkages it finds between them. The surprising yet logical symbolic similarities it uncovered between Atlas Shrugged and God of War reveal how even AI can make you think deeper.

Automatically Generate Code for Apps and Websites

While mastering code takes extensive practice, Bing provides a useful starting point for app development, website changes, and implementing functionality.

Explain your objective for what you want to build or program to accomplish, specify details like languages and platforms, ask for code recommendations if unsure, and request step-by-step guidance for implementation. Bing will provide custom generated code snippets aligned to your needs, just require tweaking and problem-solving to finalize.


Q: How can I use Bing AI to boost my productivity?
A: Bing AI has powerful capabilities to summarize texts, fix writing issues, generate ideas and titles, write essays and emails, create cover letters, explain complex topics simply, research and analyze data, and more. Using customized prompts, you can leverage Bing to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.

Q: What kind of business and product ideas can Bing AI generate?
A: If you provide Bing with a specific niche or industry, it can rapidly generate a list of potential product and business ideas you may want to pursue, including detailed specifications based on your available budget, skills, and interests.

Q: Can Bing AI help me with writing cover letters and resumes?
A: Yes, Bing AI can generate full cover letters and resume drafts if you provide it with your desired job title and relevant experience. You may need to tweak some details, but it creates an excellent starting point.

Q: How does Bing AI explain complex topics simply?
A: Using a customized prompt, you can ask Bing AI to explain any complex concept to you in basic terms, as if talking to a child. This makes it easy to quickly grasp complicated subjects.