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6 Expert Tips to Master Conversational AI with Bing Chat

Author: Brie KirbysonTime: 2024-01-21 19:20:00

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Introduction to Bing Chat

Bing's new AI chatbot is one of the most powerful conversational agents publicly available. I've been exploring Bing chat to understand how to use this quirky but useful AI tool, as the conversational AI space is advancing rapidly. In this blog post, I'm sharing tips and tricks I've found most useful for getting the most out of Bing AI.

Overview of Bing Chat Capabilities

Bing chat allows natural conversation with an AI assistant. You simply type questions or instructions into the chat box and Bing will respond. It can look up information on the web, perform research, do basic math, generate text, and more. However, it does have some limitations.

Limitations of Bing Chat

There is a limit of 10 prompts before Bing forgets previous conversation. Bing sometimes shuts down conversations if it doesn't like the prompt. It makes up information sometimes and is not very accurate with math. Occasionally it will start responding then delete its answer and refuse to continue.

Tips for Using Bing Chat Effectively

Here are 6 tips and tricks for getting the best, most useful results from Bing AI chat:

Structuring Prompts to Leverage Bing Search

Ask Bing to Look Things Up

Always ask Bing to search or look something up as part of your prompt. This taps into its core strength over other chatbots - its access to web information. Use a structure like: "Look up X, then use what you learned to Y."

Leverage Bing's Search Capabilities

Anytime you see the search icon and "Searching for..." in Bing's response, you've successfully gotten it to incorporate web information into its answer. This results in more accurate, detailed responses.

Use Bing Suggestions to Guide Conversation

Follow Bing's Prompts

Bing provides suggestions for continuing the conversation. This helps guide the dialogue in productive directions when you're unsure what to ask next.

Gather and Analyze Data with Multiple Prompts

Automate Research and Analysis

Bing excels at gathering and analyzing data from web searches. Break down complex requests into multiple prompts to have Bing compile charts or write reports synthesizing information.

Use Targeted, Sequential Prompts

Asking for too much at once can overwhelm Bing. Use focused prompts, building on previous responses. This reduces the chance of confusing responses or conversations shutting down unexpectedly.

Expand Bing's Capabilities

Teach Bing New Skills

You can teach Bing new skills like generating image prompts or summarizing research by first asking it to look up how to do those tasks, then instructing it to apply what it learned.

Get the Most from Bing Chat

Using these tips will help you have more productive conversations with Bing. With some creativity, you can expand its capabilities and automate useful workflows. Conversational AI is advancing rapidly - take the time to explore tools like Bing chat to stay on the cutting edge.


Q: How do I get access to Bing Chat?
A: Go to bing.com and sign up on the waitlist. You'll need to download the Bing app or Edge browser once access is granted.

Q: What are some limitations of Bing Chat compared to ChatGPT?
A: Bing Chat has stricter content guardrails, a 10 prompt memory limit, and weaker math/calculation abilities. It also sometimes refuses to answer.

Q: What prompt structure gets the best Bing Chat results?
A: Ask Bing to 'look up X' or 'research Y' as part of your prompt to leverage its internet search capabilities.

Q: How can Bing Suggestions be helpful?
A: Bing offers prompts to continue the conversation. These can help if you get stuck on phrasing.

Q: How can I automate research with Bing?
A: Ask Bing to search for data, create charts/summaries, and provide analysis or recommendations based on the information.

Q: Why use multiple prompts with Bing?
A: Breaking down requests into multiple prompts reduces the chance of confusing or overwhelming Bing.

Q: What new skills can Bing Chat learn?
A: You can teach Bing to generate images, summarize data, write in different styles, and more by providing examples.

Q: What is the best Bing conversation style?
A: For most purposes, choose the 'Creative' conversation style for the most human-like responses.

Q: How do I reset the Bing Chat memory?
A: Use the broom icon to restart the chat after 10 prompts. This resets Bing's memory.

Q: Can Bing Chat really be better than ChatGPT?
A: With internet search abilities, Bing Chat has access to more up-to-date information, making it more powerful in certain applications.