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999 Factorio Tips for New Players

Author: TrupenTime: 2024-01-24 14:55:00

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Use Alt Mode to Plan Factories More Effectively

One of the first things every new Factorio player should know is the power of Alt mode. When you look at your factory without Alt mode turned on, it can feel like you're blind. With hours of experience, it becomes clear that having Alt mode on provides amazing insight that allows you to plan your factory better.

Some might find the Alt mode view uglier than normal, but remember - the factory must grow efficiently, not beautifully! Also, having Alt mode on is an unwritten rule when taking screenshots of your factory.

Alt Mode Reveals More Useful Details

The amount of knowledge gained from this simple toggle is incredible. You can see exactly where belts, pipes, and power poles are connected, making it easy to optimize layout and spot potential issues.

Visual Appeal Matters Less Than Functionality

While some find the Alt visuals ugly, ultimate factory efficiency matters more than beauty. Alt mode provides the clarity needed for effective planning and expansion.

Learn Shortcuts to Play More Efficiently

Like programmers love shortcuts, you can play Factorio faster by mastering them. With at least 100 shortcuts available, using keys for common actions like quick item pickup ('q'), rapid crafting ('shift'), and more will speed up gameplay.

You don't need to learn every shortcut right away, but keep them in mind as you progress. Shortcuts enable efficient play just like programmers use them to code efficiently.

Avoid Walling Off Too Much Space Early On

New players love walls, but biters aren't that threatening early on. A few turrets are usually enough for defense. Avoid walling off huge amounts of space right away - you'll want that open land later when expanding your factory.

Build Factories Big from the Start

Beginners often underestimate how many machines they really need. Factorio is about building massive, efficient factories. A new player may think one assembler for gears is enough - a veteran thinks a hundred is better.

It's always wise to build more than you need at first rather than not enough. Plan for easy expansion from the beginning.

Limit Chests to Prevent Overproduction

It's tempting to set miners and assemblers to maximum output, filling chests with far more materials than needed. Limiting chests with the red X prevents this overproduction. More expensive items only need small buffers, while cheaper components like belts can have higher limits.

Use Proper Buffers, Not Chests

Placing simple chest buffers creates bottlenecks. Well-designed buffers like those used by speedrunners keep flow smooth. If you have better designs than famous players, share them - improving buffer design helps the entire community.


Q: Do underground belts work faster?
A: No, underground belts do not actually increase belt speed despite appearances.

Q: Should I use blueprints from others?
A: No, copying full blueprints removes much of the fun. Try creating your own factory designs instead.