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Bing Chat Adds Image Recognition Capability, Taking Lead Over GPT-4

Author: HitPawTime: 2024-02-06 15:05:02

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Bing Chat Users Discover New Image Upload Feature

A small group of Bing Chat users recently gained access to a new image upload capability, allowing them to get AI-generated descriptions and analysis of photos and memes. While Microsoft has not yet officially announced this new feature, Reddit users have shared details and screenshots from testing it out.

It appears that the image upload option is slowly rolling out to select users, indicating that Bing Chat may still be testing the functionality before a full public launch.

Small Group of Users Gain Access to Test Capability

According to a Reddit user, their Bing Chat interface quietly added a new option to upload images. Three selections were provided for adding a photo - camera, library, or link. Other users confirmed seeing the same capability appear in their Bing Chat accounts. This indicates that a small subset of users has been granted access to test out the image upload functionality. The feature does not yet seem available to all Bing Chat users.

Feature Not Yet Officially Announced by Microsoft

Microsoft has not made any public announcements regarding image upload for Bing Chat. The discovery of this capability came directly from users experimenting with the chatbot interface. Given the lack of official documentation and limited access, it appears likely that the image upload feature is still in early testing stages. Broader availability will likely accompany an official launch announcement from Microsoft.

Bing Chat Analyzes Uploaded Images and Memes

Reddit posters have provided examples showing Bing Chat's ability to describe and understand uploaded images. It can identify objects, contexts, brands, and even analyze the meaning of memes.

While not perfect, Bing Chat showcases an impressive capability to interpret real-world photos and meme humor. As the AI training improves, the image comprehension accuracy is likely to increase as well.

Accurately Describes Photo Contents

When provided with photos of real objects or scenes, Bing Chat reliably identifies items, environments, brands, and context. For example, it correctly described cables and converters in a computer networking image, including detecting the Anker brand. This demonstrates that the AI can comprehend elements of a complex scene and describe it in detail to the user.

Understands Jokes and Context in Memes

Bing Chat was able to detect humor and meaning in meme images. When shown a VGA cable joke meme, the AI understood that it depicted an interface rather than real cables.
While it missed the punchline, its comprehension of abstract meme humor shows advancements in contextual understanding.

Recognizes Multiple Characters in Complex Images

An image with 12 Nintendo characters stumped Bing Chat slightly, but it still recognized 7 out of the 12 subjects. Identifying multiple subjects in a single crowded image remains a challenge. As training expands, Bing Chat's ability to parse busy images full of characters and objects should improve.

Potential for Assisting in Complex Problems

Early testing indicates Bing Chat can provide basic assistance for analyzing problems when provided relevant images. It has potential to aid students studying visual concepts or doctors assessing medical scans.

However, Bing Chat's current image comprehension capabilities are not at a professional level. Any analysis should be considered informative, not prescriptive advice.

Could Advise Students or Patients

When directed to take on specialty roles like teacher or doctor, Bing Chat can provide basic analysis of visuals like diagrams or scans. This could assist students studying visual concepts or patients seeking a preliminary medical opinion. While limited, widening access to this supplementary analysis could provide some educational and medical value.

Answers Not Professional Advice

It is important to note that Bing Chat's visual comprehension is not equivalent to professional human services. The AI cannot replace qualified teachers or doctors. Any information provided should be taken only as a starting point. Prescriptive actions or diagnoses require consulting real professionals.

Feature Likely Still in Testing Phase

Given the limited access and lack of official announcement, the image upload capability appears to still be in early testing stages.

A full public launch will likely accompany an official statement and documentation from Microsoft outlining the feature's capabilities.

Full Launch Expected in Near Future

With select users already gaining access, the image upload feature seems nearing readiness for full release. Microsoft will want to tout these interactive capabilities as a competitive advantage. Once testing is complete, expect an official launch and marketing around the new visual experience with Bing Chat.

Bing Taking Lead Over GPT-4 Image Capability

OpenAI mentioned image inputs as a key enhancement in the GPT-4 release. However, the feature remains unavailable in the public beta.

By shipping first with image uploads, Bing Chat may gain an advantage in showcasing next-generation conversational AI incorporating visual comprehension.

OpenAI Cited Image Input in GPT-4 Release

When OpenAI unveiled GPT-4 in March 2022, it touted the model's ability to process both text and image inputs as a groundbreaking enhancement. The full capabilities were not released publicly though, with image interaction limited to a research preview.

But Feature Not Yet Publicly Available

Despite the hype around visual inputs, GPT-4 users still cannot upload images to augment conversations as of January 2023. For now, experiemnts with the research preview provide the only functionality testing image interactions.


Bing Chat expanding to process images marks a notable step forward for conversational AI. As the feature moves from limited testing to full public access, it will be interesting to see how users apply it creatively and whether it pushes other services to quickly match this capability.

This early integration of image interaction also bodes well for Microsoft's progress in developing robust multimodal AI systems to power next-generation applications and devices.


Q: When did users first discover the Bing chat image feature?
A: Recently, with just a small group of users gaining access to test the capability.

Q: What kind of images can Bing chat recognize and understand?
A: Bing chat can accurately describe photo contents, understand jokes and context in memes, and recognize multiple characters in a single complex image.

Q: How accurate is Bing chat's image recognition capability?
A: In tests, Bing chat successfully recognized 7 out of 12 characters in a busy Super Smash Brothers image, demonstrating strong accuracy.

Q: Can Bing chat act as an expert advisor based on images?
A: It has the potential to take on roles like teacher or doctor and analyze problems based on images, but its answers should only be used as a reference.

Q: Is the image feature fully available to all Bing chat users?
A: No, it appears to still be in testing with availability limited to a small number of users.

Q: How does Bing chat compare to GPT-4 on image recognition?
A: OpenAI touted GPT-4's image input capability but has yet to release the feature publicly, so Bing chat is taking the lead.

Q: When will the image feature launch more widely?
A: While not officially announced yet, the full launch is expected sometime in the near future.

Q: Where can I discuss this new Bing chat capability?
A: See the original Reddit post linked in the video description to explore and join the discussion.

Q: How can I enable image input if I don't have access yet?
A: Unfortunately there is no way to manually enable the feature until Microsoft rolls it out more widely.

Q: Will GPT-4 match Bing chat's image recognition capability?
A: It remains to be seen once GPT-4's image input is actually launched, but Bing chat sets a high bar.