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Deep Sea Brawl Season Brings New Brawler Otis and BT21 Skins to Brawl Stars

Author: Brawl StarsTime: 2024-01-03 00:10:01

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Otis - The New Chromatic Brawler for the Deep Sea Brawl Season

Otis is a mysterious sea creature who lives in the depths of Starr Park. He has an arm-hose that shoots 4 paintballs in a straight line to attack. The paintballs spread out slightly the further they travel. For his Super, he uses his starfish friend Cil to disable all abilities of the target enemy Brawler. While Cil is attached, the enemy cannot attack, use gadgets, or activate their Super. However, they can still move to try and escape.

Otis is the new Chromatic Brawler for the current Brawl Pass season. He unlocks at Tier 30. At the final tier, Tier 70, players unlock Otis's Pharaotis Skin, which gives him an Egyptian pharaoh look.

Otis's Attack and Super Explained

Otis's main attack is called Paint Splatter. He shoots out 4 paintball bullets in a straight line that spread slightly as they travel. The paintballs deal moderate damage and can hit multiple enemies if they are grouped up. His Super is called Sticking Around. Otis sends out his starfish friend Cil, who attaches to an enemy Brawler. While attached, Cil completely disables the enemy's ability to attack, use gadgets, or activate their Super. However, the enemy can still move, so they may be able to run away from Cil.

Pharaotis Skin Unlocked at Top Tier of Brawl Pass

Players who complete the entire Brawl Pass, reaching Tier 70, will unlock Otis's exclusive Pharaotis Skin. This gives Otis an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh appearance, with ornate gold jewelry and headdress. It's one of the top rewards for maxing out the Brawl Pass this season.

Two Deep Sea Skins - Coral Belle and Octo Fang

In addition to the Brawl Pass skins, there are two premium Deep Sea skins being added this season. Coral Belle gives Piper a bright coral and seashell look. Octo Fang turns Fang's scarf into menacing octopus tentacles.

The Brawl Stars content creators will be giving away free Octo Fang skins over social media, so search for #OctoFangGiveaway to find and enter those contests.

Partnership Brings BT21 Skins to Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has partnered with BT21, part of the LINE Friends brand, to bring cute new skins based on their characters to the game. The BT21 characters were created by the members of K-Pop band BTS.

Buying any of the BT21 skins will give players a free exclusive pin. There will also be purchasable sprays and profile icons unlocked with each skin.

Bibi, Sandy, Bull, and More Get Cute Makeovers

Several Brawlers are getting BT21 makeovers. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Bibi RJ: Turned fluffy and cute
  • Sandy Koya: Sleepy heads unite
  • Bull Mang: Gallops instead of runs
  • Jacky Cooky: Bouncy pink ball of energy
  • Tick Shooky: Now brown like a cookie

Free Pins, Sprays, and Profile Pictures Included

In addition to the skins themselves, purchasing a BT21 skin will unlock the following extras:

  • Free exclusive BT21 pin
  • Purchasable BT21 spray
  • Purchasable BT21 profile picture

New 10-Player Game Mode Hunters Announced

A new 10-player game mode called Hunters is coming to Brawl Stars. It combines elements of Wipeout and Showdown. There is no limit to the number of respawns and the first player to get 10 takedowns wins.

Hunters will take place on the solo Showdown maps. The placement/ranking at the end of a match is determined by number of takedowns earned.

Club League and Quest Improvements

Changes are coming to Club League and Club Quests. There will now be a one week on, one week off cadence between League and Quests.

During Club League weeks, the rewards have been increased to make up for the lower rewards from Quest weeks. The new system should provide a better balance and more breaks from the demanding Club League grind.

Brawler Suggestion Added to Power League

Power League is getting a new Brawler suggestion feature. Players will be able to see which Brawlers their teammates have available. They can then make suggestions from that list to coordinate team composition and strategy.

Mystery Game Mode Slot Introduced

A new Mystery Game Mode slot is being added to Brawl Stars. This slot will feature a rotating set of events with different game modes, maps, and modifiers. Press the "Play" button to dive into the unknown!

Penny Receives Complete Remodel and Gameplay Changes

Penny has received a full visual remodel and some gameplay changes. Her range is slightly shorter but her projectile speed is now faster. She has a new gadget to drop a barrel that benefits from her splash attack.

Her turret now indicates where the cannonball will land, helping enemies dodge while still providing control. As a trade-off, her Balls of Fire Star Power has been added to her base kit so all shots leave flames behind.

Free Items for 10th Anniversary of Hay Day and Clash of Clans

To celebrate the 10 year anniversaries of Hay Day and Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars is giving away some free items:

  • Hay Day pin available now

  • Special Clash of Clans event with free Barbarian Bull skin, pin, spray, and other rewards


Q: When will the Deep Sea Brawl season release?
A: The Deep Sea Brawl season and Otis will release at the end of August 2023.

Q: What is the new 10-player game mode Hunters?
A: Hunters is a 10-Brawler arena with the same rules as Wipeout, but played on Showdown maps. First to 10 takedowns wins.

Q: What BT21 Brawlers are getting skins?
A: Bibi, Sandy, Bull, Ruffs, Jacky, Tick, and Edgar are all getting BT21 skins in July.