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EA Sports UFC 4 Video Game Promises Most Authentic MMA Experience Yet

Author: EA SPORTS UFCTime: 2024-01-01 21:45:00

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Dynamic Striking Controls for Advanced MMA Techniques

UFC 4 introduces an updated control scheme with dynamic striking inputs to provide fighters with better control over advanced strikes and combinations. This new mechanic utilizes responsive button taps for faster strikes, or button holds for more damaging, flashy blows. The improved responsiveness gives players full access to their fighter's complete striking arsenal.

With the ability to quickly throw faster jabs and straights, or charge up for fight-ending head kicks and uppercuts, players have more options to effectively damage opponents. Veterans can effortlessly combine tapping and holding for fluid combinations, while newcomers can still compete with simplified access to core techniques.

Responsive Button Taps for Faster Strikes

The updated striking controls allow players to simply tap buttons to unleash quicker strikes. Tapping punches and kicks provides responsive attacks that are essential for setting up combinations. Fast jabs, quick low kicks, and other rapid-fire techniques can be used tactically to disrupt opponent timing and create openings for more powerful blows. Button tapping lowers the execution barrier so anyone can start throwing blisteringly quick strikes.

Button Holds for Flashier, Harder-Hitting Blows

In contrast to taps, players can also hold buttons down to unleash devastating, highlight-reel strikes. Charging strikes requires a split-second longer setup, but enables fight-changing techniques. By holding buttons for head kicks, knees, uppercuts and other advanced moves, fighters can time fight-altering strikes. This risk-reward dynamic gives advanced players another skillful layer of control.

Realistic Clinch Game Using EA Sports Real Player Motion Tech

UFC 4 rewrites the clinch game using EA Sports Real Player Motion (RPM) technology for more realistic stand-up gameplay at close range. Players can now enter and exit the clinch with improved controls that open up greater fighting freedom.

Within the clinch, fighters have the ability to drive opponents against the cage, throw a wider variety of strikes, especially effective dirty boxing techniques, along with executing trips, throws and takedowns. More control over clinch positioning creates new strategic opportunities to wear down challengers.

More Variety and Control In Takedowns

Capitalizing further on RPM, UFC 4 adds more fluidity, variety and impact to takedown mechanics for a greater diversity of wrestling outcomes. Unlike past games where takedown success was pre-determined, new driving and denying takedown animations allow players to skillfully battle for dominant positions.

Real-life fighter attributes continue influencing results, but users can now actively push through shots or defend using precise movement. Clean reactive sprawls, forceful power carries and cage driving finishes expand the strategic takedown game beyond simply initiating attacks.

Enhanced Ground and Pound with Greater Damage Potential

Searching for fight-ending damage, UFC 4 gives players more control options in postured-up ground striking positions. Improved striking mechanics on the mat allow skilled competitors to better attack defensive gaps and finish worn down opponents.

Defenders also gain counter transition and evasion tools to withstand attacks, create scrambles or reverse from the bottom. With added risk-reward dynamics, ground battles become more complex, mirroring pivotal real-life MMA moments where dominant striking position leads to decisive results.

Accessible New Submission Mini-Games

Replacing cumbersome past systems, UFC 4 adds two new submission mini-games focused on chokes and joint locks, significantly improving accessibility for casual players. Veterans can still strike and transition to more dominant finishing positions.

Most excitingly, defenders now have a narrow opportunity to skillfully execute high-amplitude slam escapes. With more varied submission strategies, the submission metagame provides another layer of competitive depth.

All-New High Impact Moment Presentation

UFC 4 introduces all-new High Impact Moment presentation so players visually feel the damage inflicted by devastating techniques. When monumental strikes land, improved facial and body animations send shockwaves through damaged fighters.

All-new replay cameras showcase brutal slow motion details from multiple perspectives. Adding to the drama, new stun moments confirm when competitors get rocked, indicating optimal times to surge for fight-ending finishes or desperately recover.


Q: What new features does EA Sports UFC 4 have?
A: Key new features include dynamic striking controls, overhauled clinch gameplay, improved takedowns, revamped submissions, and high impact moment presentation.

Q: How have the controls and gameplay changed in UFC 4?
A: The controls and gameplay have been upgraded to be more responsive, fluid, impactful and authentic across all areas - striking, clinch, wrestling and submissions.

Q: What is EA Sports Real Player Motion technology?
A: It is an animation system that enables more realistic and dynamic movement of fighters, improving areas like the clinch game and takedowns.

Q: How have takedowns changed in EA Sports UFC 4?
A: Takedowns now feature integrated locomotion, allowing players to drive opponents and finish takedowns for greater variety and skill-based outcomes.