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Generate Unlimited Free Images with Microsoft Bing AI Image Creator

Author: The School of Digital MarketingTime: 2024-02-03 11:15:01

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Introduction to Microsoft Bing AI Image Creator

Microsoft has recently released a new AI-powered image generation tool called Bing Image Creator. This tool allows anyone to create original, copyright-free images through intuitive text prompts. Bing Image Creator is currently in public preview, providing free access to anyone with a Microsoft account.

In this blog post, we'll explore everything you need to know about Bing Image Creator, from understanding its advanced capabilities to leveraging the tool legally within your business or creative projects.

Overview of Bing Image Creator Capabilities

Bing Image Creator utilizes the DALL-E 2 AI system developed by OpenAI to generate images. DALL-E 2 has been trained on millions of image-text pairs to understand visual concepts and their relationships. By entering a text prompt, the AI attempts to construct a corresponding novel image reflecting the provided description. The AI model powering Bing's tool allows generating photorealistic images, art of different styles, logos, 3D renderings, and more based solely on your custom text prompt. Almost any visual concept can be brought to life through descriptive instructions to the AI.

Accessing the Bing Image Creator Tool

Getting started with Bing Image Creator is easy. Simply go to bing.com/images/create and sign in with your Microsoft account. The home page features example images generated by the tool to showcase capabilities and prompt inspiration. Upon providing a text prompt and selecting 'create', the tool will generate up to four image options. Advanced features also allow iterating upon outputs to refine the results through additional user feedback.

Creating Images with Bing Image Creator

When creating your own images with Bing Image Creator, the key is providing detailed, descriptive text prompts. Guiding the AI with more targeted instructions and context yields better quality outputs.

The tool also empowers you to generate multiple different image options per prompt, then further refine selections through additional iterations based on user feedback.

Using Detailed Prompts for Best Results

Upon first glance, Bing Image Creator can produce impressive images from short, simple prompts. However, the AI will best approximate your desired output when provided lengthier, descriptive details outlining exactly what you aim to visualize. Sentences with additional adjectives, subject context, scene descriptors, etc. give the model more signals to construct a tailored final image closer to what you imagined.

Generating Different Image Options

A helpful capability of Bing Image Creator is the ability to produce multiple distinct images from a single prompt. By selecting to generate up to four image options, you can receive varying interpretations of your description and select the visualization you prefer. This allows quickly iterating through different possibilities to find an image that closely matches your needs, even if the initial prompt alone did not produce an ideal result.

Iterating to Improve Image Quality

Beyond generating multiple image options per prompt, Bing Image Creator allows further enhancing image results through an iterative feedback process. If your initial outputs did not fully capture your intended visual, you can provide additional descriptive details on what specifically to adjust. Through step-by-step refinement guidance, you can essentially direct the AI in evolving the image until it sufficiently matches your expectations and requirements from the visualization.

Managing Your Bing Image Creator Account

To power its image generation capabilities, Bing Image Creator utilizes a credits system called Boosts. Understanding how Boosts work and options for accessing more credits is key for seamlessly creating images through the tool over time.

Understanding the Boost Point System

Every image generation through Bing Image Creator deducts Boost credits from your account balance. More complex prompts utilizing additional creation attempts deduct Boosts faster per session. However, Microsoft currently offers ways to recharge Boosts for free over time, allowing continual usage of the image creation tool without actively purchasing anything.

Recharging Boosts for Free Image Generation

If you fully deplete your Boost balance through Bing Image Creator, you may have to wait a bit before being able to generate new images. However, Boosts automatically replenish daily for free, allowing you to resume creating images after some time passes. So while you may eventually hit a temporary limit on image outputs per day, you can return the next day to pick back up with more free generations based on your needs and creativity inspiration.

Accessing Your Past Image Creations

All images built through Bing Image Creator are conveniently saved into the 'Creations' section of your account dashboard. You can revisit any past images generated and even download higher resolution versions of selections you wish to use or share. This Creations library persists over time, allowing you to always look back on your unique visual content achievements unlocked through descriptive text prompts to the AI.

Using Bing Image Creator Images Legally

A major advantage of Bing Image Creator is that any images generated through the tool are completely copyright-free with no legal restrictions on usage or commercialization.

You have full ownership over unique visuals created through your custom prompts, empowering seamless integration across business projects, marketing content, or any other creative needs.

Bing Images Are Copyright Free

Unlike other sites which curate images from various copyrighted sources online, every image built by Bing Image Creator represents a completely original asset generated on-demand based on your specific prompt. These newly constructed images avoid any licensing hassles down the line, providing peace of mind to freely use, modify, share, or sell visual content produced by describing your desires to the AI system.

Using Images Anywhere Without Restrictions

With full usage rights over your prompted Bing Image Creator visuals, the possibilities for integrating these AI-generated images are endless. You can utilize these images freely across social media posts, website content, video editing, paid advertising, print products, merchandise, NFTs, and absolutely any other personal or commercial project needs imaginable!

Alternative AI Image Generation Options

Beyond the official Microsoft release of Bing Image Creator, other AI models exist in providing complementary image generation capabilities as well.

Two leading alternative options include Stable Diffusion and Journi, both providing text-to-image functionality through distinct self-serve interfaces.

Stable Diffusion Open Source Model

The Stable Diffusion AI model represents an open source image generation system that rivals DALL-E 2 in capabilities and quality. Because it is open source, people have created free tools leveraging Stable Diffusion for anyone to use. While the output fidelity may slightly lag behind Bing Image Creator in some cases, community-optimized Stable Diffusion offers an unlimited free alternative for bringing creative visual ideas to life through AI image generation guidance.

Web Journi Proprietary Model

Developed by Humpro, Web Journi provides another intriguing option for high-quality AI image generation. The proprietary model aims to achieve greater creative consistency in outputs. Access to Web Journi comes from connecting with the creators directly on Discord, where you can find an application to try free prompt-based image generation capabilities from their latest iteration of the Journi AI model.


Microsoft's release of Bing Image Creator opens new doors for everyday people to tap into leading-edge AI capabilities in creating completely original image content. Merely describing the desired visuals through intuitive text prompts allows manifesting almost any imaginable concept into a novel photorealistic rendering from the intelligent algorithm systems.

And with full usage rights and copyright coverage over the AI-generated images, Bing Image Creator unlocks immense possibilities in seamlessly integrating unique visual assets across both personal and professional creative needs going forward.


Q: How do I access the Bing Image Creator?
A: Go to bing.com/images/create to access the Bing AI Image Creator tool.

Q: Are Bing created images copyright free?
A: Yes, images created with Bing Image Creator can be used anywhere without restrictions.

Q: What is the boost system in Bing Image Creator?
A: Bing Image Creator uses a boost point system. Each image generation uses up boosts. You can recharge boosts for free image creation.

Q: What is the best way to create good images?
A: Use detailed prompts with as much description as possible to get the best image results.

Q: Can I download my created images?
A: Yes, you can access, view in high-res, and download any images you previously created.

Q: What are alternatives to Bing Image Creator?
A: Stable Diffusion is a free open source AI image model. Web Jorney is a free proprietary model.

Q: How long does image generation take?
A: It varies from 5-10+ seconds based on prompt complexity. More details means longer generation.

Q: Can I create cartoon or photorealistic images?
A: Yes, you can create any style image by specifying it in your prompt.

Q: Is there a paid version of Bing Image Creator?
A: Not yet, but Microsoft may offer paid plans for more creation boosts in the future.

Q: Can I use Bing images in ads and videos?
A: Yes, you can legally use Bing created images anywhere without restrictions.