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Tour the Latest Bing AI Chat Features for Free

Author: Mike TholfsenTime: 2024-01-21 03:50:00

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Access Powerful AI with Bing Creative Chat for Free

Bing Creative chat provides free access to advanced AI technology powered by GPT-4 models. With Bing you can have natural language conversations and get intelligent suggestions without any subscription fees. Bing also offers Precise and Balanced modes for more factual answers along with sourcing for transparency.

A key benefit of Bing over ChatGPT Plus is that the GPT-4 level AI is available for free rather than the $20 per month charge. Bing Creative chat is great for research, writing assistance, math help, coding help and more.

Switch Between Precise, Balanced and Creative Modes

Bing has 3 modes to meet different needs. Creative mode provides the highest quality GPT-4 suggestions that are more open-ended. Balanced mode balances creative and factual responses. Precise mode focuses on factual accuracy from reliable sources.

Easily Export Chat Conversations

Bing conversations can be easily exported to Word, PDF or text documents with one click. This allows you to save, edit and organize the AI-generated content for future use.

Generate Interesting Poems, Stories and Images

Bing leverages DALL-E models to create imaginative poems, stories and images. You can specify styles, themes, descriptions and more to get customized AI-generated content.

The images can also be customized further using built-in integration with Microsoft Designer. This provides additional options to tweak images like adding text overlays.

Create Funny Poems and Stories with DALL-E 3

Prompt Bing to write poems, stories, slogans, descriptions and more based on your direction. Get entertained by the creative suggestions.

Easily Share and Customize AI-Generated Images

The images created by Bing using DALL-E 3 models can be easily shared on social media or saved. Built-in integration with Microsoft Designer provides additional customization options.

Conduct Research and Get SWOT Analysis

Bing is great for conducting research and analysis. It can suggest ideas based on parameters you provide and even create detailed SWOT analysis reports supported by citations.

Get Unique Business and Product Ideas

Prompt Bing to generate innovative business and product ideas centered around concepts you specify. Bing can factor in current market conditions to provide commercially viable suggestions.

Automatically Create SWOT Analysis Reports

Ask Bing to conduct a SWOT analysis on your startup idea or existing business. It will produce a nicely formatted analysis citing information sources for transparency.

Integrate Bing AI into Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser provides tight integration with Bing AI via Co-Pilot. Conveniently access key features without leaving your browser window.

Summarize Web Pages and PDFs

While browsing pages or viewing PDFs in Edge, utilize Co-Pilot to get summaries supplemented by related information and links.

Compose Documents and Emails

Use the intelligent writing assistance in Co-Pilot to draft emails, blog posts and other documents tailored to your needs.

Ensure Data Privacy with Bing Chat Enterprise

Bing Chat Enterprise provides the same great AI capabilities but with total data privacy and security. All chats and documents stay within company or school networks rather than using external servers.

Access Tailored Suggestions for Education/Business Use

When accessed via work or school accounts, Bing Chat Enterprise provides industry-specific suggestions for easier assistance with lesson plans, reports, analysis and more.

Align Lesson Plans to Educational Standards

Educators can prompt Bing to develop engaging lesson plans aligned to curriculum standards like ISTE. This saves time while ensuring adherence to district requirements.


Bing AI provides powerful chat, research, image generation, writing and integration features free of charge. It leverages state-of-the-art AI like GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 to deliver helpful and entertaining suggestions tailored to user prompts. Whether you need creative inspiration, productivity enhancements or task automation, Bing can assist.


Q: Is Bing chat really powered by GPT-4?
A: Yes, when using Creative mode in Bing chat you get access to the latest GPT-4 models from Anthropic for free.

Q: Can I create my own images with DALL-E in Bing?
A: Yes, Bing chat is integrated with DALL-E 3 so you can generate your own images by describing what you want.

Q: Does Bing chat have a mobile app?
A: Yes, there is a mobile app for both iOS and Android to continue chats started in the web browser.

Q: Can Bing read text in images?
A: Yes, Bing AI can run OCR to extract text from images and then summarize the contents.

Q: Is my data safe when I use Bing Enterprise?
A: Yes, Bing Enterprise ensures all personal and company data remains private and compliant.

Q: How do I get access to Bing Enterprise?
A: Bing Enterprise comes included for free with Microsoft 365 or Office 365 E3 and E5 licenses.

Q: Can I create lesson plans with Bing?
A: Yes, when signed into Bing Enterprise with an education account it can generate full lesson plans aligned to standards.

Q: Does Bing correct spelling errors?
A: Yes, the AI chatbot is smart enough to correct minor spelling mistakes to provide you with the right response.

Q: Can I summarize web pages in Microsoft Edge?
A: Yes, the AI integration in Edge called CoPilot allows summarizing web pages and PDFs inline.

Q: How do I compose documents in Edge?
A: There is a compose feature in CoPilot that lets you write emails, documents and more with AI assistance.